Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the weather trends for South Africa?
A: The Lowveld in which the Kruger National Park and the Panorama route are situated in a hot, arid, and dry area. The summers, November to April, will be very hot with temperatures up to 45c, whereas the winters tend to be warm during the day and cool in the evenings.

Q: Will we need to obtain any special health-related inoculations?
A: We suggest you visit a Doctor in your area and be advised on the various inoculations; i.e. Yellow fever, Prophylaxis, Tenanus, Hepatitis A+B. Generally, these are not required in South Africa but are a necessity when visiting our Northern countries in Africa.

Q: Will we need to obtain a visa to travel to South Africa?
A: The embassy in your home country would be your best advisor, you should also be able to obtain this information from the South African Embassy/Consulate, alternatively, your travel agent.

Q: What are the road conditions in South Africa for long-distance driving?
A: The road conditions, in general, are excellent, however, there are secondary roads in some areas that are prone to potholes and reduced speeds and caution is necessary.

Q: Will the roads be clearly signposted?
A: Most will, but we suggest pre-loading your route onto Google maps or whatever reliable Sat Nav software you use.

Q: Will we need any special driving license or permit to drive your vehicle?
A: Drivers will need a standard motor vehicle license, an international driver’s license, without endorsements, would be preferable to avoid any problems.

Q: Will we need to pre-book any campsites, or, can we park and stay on any roadside areas?
A: Pre-booking is essential in most cases for peace of mind, but while traveling one can often get a site at the many campsites in the area. ROADSIDE camping is NOT recommended.

Q: How can I book a vehicle to rent?
A: Direct contact with our office via our website. Please send us your dates, number of people, where you are considering traveling to. We then do the rest and make contact with you. We prefer the direct, personal, and friendly approach

Q: What children facilities can we expect?
A: In general all camping facilities cater for the younger folk with farm animals, swimming playground, etc.

Q: What is the official and main speaking language in South Africa?
A: English

Q: Do you have a list of the National Parks in South Africa?
A: Yes, visit Sanparks.org for a comprehensive list and booking facilities

Q: Can we rent a Sat Nav/GPS when we collect the vehicle?
A: A GPS is available at R50 per day but generally Google maps are useful for longer routes.

Q: Will we need to register with the SA Tourist Board when we arrive in South Africa?
A: No that will not be necessary.

Q: Where do I collect the vehicle from?
A: K2P is a family business based in Hoedspruit where collections and drop-offs are made.

Q: Can I see the insurance cover policy?
A: You may, bearing in mind that the policy is for accidental damage to the vehicle caused by colliding with an object, another vehicle, or person, It is recommended that you arrange your own travel insurance for personal cover.

Q: What is the insurance excess on the vehicle?
A: The excess is R12000 and is a refundable deposit. As we do not have credit card facilities, this deposit is best made via an EFT. This deposit may be used to repair/replace damaged or lost equipment or in the case of an accident, the excess of 5% of the claim.

Q: Can I travel anywhere in South Africa or beyond in the vehicle?
A: No, we restrict travel to the Greater Kruger and/or Panorama route. But we are human, should you wish to travel beyond our perimeter please discuss with us what you would like to do as this will require formal prior agreement.

Q: What should I do if the vehicle breaks down?
A: Call us…. and we will endeavor to solve whatever problems might occur.

Q: What should I do if the vehicle gets stolen?
A: Call us immediately, emergency numbers will be on hand should the need arise. Keep the vehicle securely locked.

Q: Is there ample storage space in the vehicle?
A: Yes, above the cab there is ample space for small solid cases and soft luggage.

Q: Do you provide food hampers we can pre-order?
A: Yes, we will gladly do your shopping and pack the fridges and cupboards with your favorite goodies, a small service fee will be charged.

Q: Do you provide free Wi-Fi in the vehicle?
A: No unfortunately not.

Q: Do you provide medical information packs/procedures?
A: The vehicle is fitted with a basic first aid kit, your best friend would be Google.

Q: What is the distance from Johannesburg International to Hoedspruit, when driving?
A: The distance is 444km, just over 5hrs

Q: Do you offer one-way rentals?
A: No, unfortunately not at this stage.

Q: Do you provide gas/fuel/batteries?
A: Yes we do. The vehicle is equipped with two 4kg gas bottles, the fuel tank will be full on delivery, and suggest that it be full-on return, a fee will be charged for filling and the cabin has two batteries should you be off the grid.

Q: Will there be any space for children?
A: The camper is equipped with two double beds, the beds can be converted back to seating and have two safety belts for passengers.

Q: Do you have a safety briefing?
A: Yes indeed, this is an important procedure to familiarise you with all aspects of the vehicle. An inventory will be done with you at the same time. You will be required to sign off that you have been briefed and happy with the contents of the camper.

Q: Do you provide Safety management for all your guests?
A: The vehicle is fitted with a security system that can be activated in case of an emergency.

Q: What time can I collect and return the vehicle?
A: Rental time normally works on a 24-hour clock, should you pick up at say 14:00hrs the vehicle should be returned by the same time on your return. A cut-off time is 16:00hrs latest failing an extra day rental could be charged unless by prior notification.

Q: Where do I collect the vehicle from and return it to?
A: Our depot in Hoedspruit.

Q: Do you have any tourist-friendly road maps in the vehicle?
A: Yes, plus local magazines about the area.

Q: Do you provide drinking water in the vehicle?
A: A 5l water bottle is provided for drinking.

Q: Where is the best place to do the shopping for our trip?
A: All towns in the area have shopping facilities, all camps in Kruger have well-stocked shops to cater to your every need.

Q: Where is the medical First Aid Kit in the vehicle?
A: We go through the location of the First Aid Kit and vehicle orientation when you collect the vehicle.

Q: What are the medical/fire/general emergency rules or procedures?
A: We will go through this when we provide you with vehicle orientation as your collect the vehicle.

Q: What must we do if there is a fire in the Motor Home?
A: The most important thing is to stay calm, then ensure you get everybody out of the vehicle. There are two fire extinguishers provided which you can activate and aim the extinguisher at the base of the flame.

Q: Where are the electric fuses or information I need to have for the vehicle?
A: You will be informed of all these during the briefing

Q: When will we receive our holding deposit back, how will it be paid?
A: Your holding deposit will be deposited 30 days after your return, speeding fines can take up to three months to process in which case we will contact you and request payment. You will be signing for that in the agreement.

This FAQ is an information sheet and does not override the Terms & Conditions of Rental as stipulated in your Rental Agreement. The FAQs are a guidance only and will vary from time to time. Any aspect of public information, health information, health & safety, and first aid training is and remains the sole responsibility of the renter and not K2P Motorhomes.

“What a pleasant experience renting a motorhome from K2P. Equipped with everything you can possibly need, we enjoyed our trip very much. The Iveco is easy to drive and comfortable to stay in. Thank you for the outstanding service as well.”
Pieter Naude
Hoedspruit, South Africa

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